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Escrow as a Service

Download our brochure to learn how SaaS Escrow ensures your cloud-hosted applications and data are safe, secure and always available.

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Escrow as a Service

Escrow as a Service (EaaS) is a SaaS Escrow solution that mitigates third-party SaaS applications risk and provides independent assurance that your third-party Cloud-hosted software and data are safe, secure, and always available.

Escrow as a Service is a fully scalable SaaS Escrow solution where you choose the level of resilience you require. So, whether you just need assurance of access to data, require operational knowledge of your production environment, or need a replicated snapshot of the live cloud-hosted production environment, we can help!

Download our brochure to learn more and get started with SaaS Escrow today!

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Why SaaS Escrow?

Independent assurance from an industry expert

Safeguards brand and reputation with a robust continuity strategy

Provides access to specific application environment and data.

Enables business without the risk of supply chain disruption

Provides time to transition to alternative arrangements

Demonstrates a proactive approach to risk mitigation


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