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Software services sector

Software Escrow solutions for the software services sector

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Grow your business with Software Escrow

Stand out from the competition, drive new sales, and grow your business with Escode

Address continuity concerns head-on by embedding Escrow into your services

Provide independent business continuity assurance to investors and end-users



Who we work with


Meet your customers' demands for business continuity assurance and compliance with access to NCC Group's resilience services, escrow expertise, training, and marketing support.

Managed Service Providers

Improve your ability to maintain your clients' environments in the event of supply chain failure with an extra layer of resilience for their applications by referring Escode software escrow solutions.

Value-Added Resellers

Driving a new accretive revenue stream by reselling NCC Group's Software Resilience services into your client base.


Gain access to market-leading software escrow services and enhance the resilience of the applications within your customers' digital ecosystem.



“Escrow as a Service solution serves as a wonderful tool to satisfy customer requests for independent third-party assurance of our business continuity measures and greatly reduces the need for direct audits by our customers. It therefore frees up valuable time and creates true customer value.”

Frederik Pfisterer, Chief Operating Officer

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Independent continuity assurance for critical services

Provide end-users and investors with independent continuity assurance for your services and raise your next round with Escrow.

Independent secure storage of software IP with an Escrow Agreement

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Document and verify build processes, environment details, and credentials

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Integrate with your source control repository and automate escrow deposits through View

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Setting you up for success

Connect and engage with other partners to expand business opportunities in a global market. Innovate and collaborate across the network to co-create, deliver, and service valuable solutions for customers.

Get access to co-branded marketing content and campaigns to help you go to market faster and grow your revenue.

Get access to training and support from our in-house Escrow legal, security, verification, and accredited Cloud Architect specialists.

Grow your network and connect with other developers to innovate, collaborate, and enhance your market offering.



Why developers choose Escode


Seamless Integration

Experience effortless integration, automate your deposits, and access your account details securely at any time and from anywhere.

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Scalable Agreements

We provide scalable multi-licensee Escrow agreements for Cloud-hosted and on-premise software applications. New licensees can register to the multi-licensee agreement at any time.

Escrow agreements


In-house Specialists

Our dedicated in-house technical, legal and customer support teams are committed to providing support and guidance.

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Secure Storage

Market-leading security with 24/7 surveillance, secure physical and virtual vaults, and SOC2 monitoring

Escrow vaults


Get the guide to learn more

Introduction to Software Escrow

In an era where businesses heavily rely on technology, safeguarding intellectual property becomes a critical priority. This guide explores the role of software escrow and verification services in securing your company’s assets, detailing essential steps, items to be placed in escrow, and emphasizing the importance of a robust verification process.

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