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Registry Data Escrow

Comply with ICANN's Registry Agreement requirement to enter into a Registry Data Escrow Agreement with an ICANN-approved Data Escrow provider.

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What is Registry Data Escrow?

Registry Data Escrow is a specialized data protection service. The service ensures that up-to-date copies of domain name ownership and contact details are held in escrow by a trusted, neutral third party, such as Escode. This data can only be accessed and released under predefined and controlled conditions, such as the failure of a registry.



How does Registry Data Escrow work?



Why Escode Data Escrow Services?

Escode Software Escrow Scalable Solutions


Escode is an ICANN-approved Registry Data Escrow provider meaning we are trusted to help organisations meet requirements within ICANN's Registry Agreement.

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Escode Software Escrow Flexible Agreements

Registry Data Escrow Agreement

Our Registry Data Escrow Agreement enables you to comply with ICANN's Registry Agreement requirement to contract with a data escrow provider for the deposit and storage of data.

Sample agreement

Escode Software Escrow Secure Storage

Secure Storage

To ensure your data is secure we use digital signatures, data encryption, and sFTP technologies.

Escrow vaults

Escode Software Escrow In House Specialists

In-house Specialists

Our dedicated in-house technical, legal, and customer support teams are committed to providing support and guidance.

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Registry Data Escrow FAQs


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