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Static Application Security Testing

Easily identify and rectify security defects within software application source code with Escode's independent software security assessment service.

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What is Software Security Testing?

Our Static Application Security Test (SAST) service is an independent assessment that identifies and analyses security defects within software source code either as part of an escrow deposit or a standalone engagement, ensuring that any critical vulnerabilities can be identified and rectified.



Benefits of SAST

There are many benefits to the Static Application Security Test, but it must be handled correctly and tailored to your business needs. Escode has a skilled software security testing team on hand to ensure your organization’s software and deposited materials are secure. The main benefits of software security testing include:

Fully managed service

Rest assured that a highly skilled and experienced specialist consultant from Escode will manage the Static Application Security Test from start to finish. We will keep you informed and provide you with our findings and recommendations.

Market leading technologies

We utilize market-leading enterprise code verification and analysis tools to perform code analysis on a wide variety of programming languages.


Our software security consultants provide flexible reporting, which is dependent on the nature of the scan. This can include technical reporting for the software authors or executive reporting for any application stakeholders.




SAST Technical Details


It is important to remember that Software Security Testing and Software Escrow Verification provide different outputs. Static Application Security Test (SAST) analyses the quality of the source code for any vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to your business. In comparison, Software Escrow Verification services for Cloud applications and on-premise applications ensure that the source code in escrow is present, correct and complete. Both services are critical to safeguarding your software, materials and business, including the continuity or exit plan.

Our static code analysis provides immediate feedback on issues and vulnerabilities that have been introduced into the source code during development, enabling software owners to identify and remediate potentially critical vulnerabilities before compiling them into the live application. We do advise conducting a SAST test during the software development stage. However, we can perform a Static Application Security Test on the source code on a developed live application.

At NCC Group, we have access to market-leading enterprise code verification and analysis tools that allow us to perform code analysis on a wide variety of programming languages. These include, but are not limited to, ABAP/BSP, ActionScript/MXML, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C# (.NET), C/C++, Classic ASP, COBOL, ColdFusion CFML, HTML, Java, JavaScript/AJAX, JSP, Objective-C, PHP, PL/SQL, Python, T-SQL, Ruby, Swift, Visual Basic, VBScript and XML.



Software Security Testing Approach

Transfer & Triage

We will arrange the secure transfer of source code and dependencies utilizing Escode's secure file exchange. On receipt of the materials, we will conduct a prerequisite review to ensure that all source code, binaries, and third-party libraries are present within the deposit.


We will perform a full static code analysis scan, identifying risk-ranked and categorized security vulnerabilities. Also, we will review secure coding best practices. Vulnerabilities are organized into seven classes and assigned one of five possible severity ratings.


Vulnerabilities are reported back to the supplier, and once remediated, we will conduct a final re-scan, confirming that any issues have been rectified.


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