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Legal sector

Software Escrow solutions for legal professionals

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How can Escrow support you?

Mitigate third-party risk and strengthen operational resilience

Enable clients to comply with key IT outsourcing regulations

Enhance your offering and protect your clients with Software Escrow




Easily manage third-party risk

Your client's businesses are unique. Don't settle for a one-size-fits-all Software Escrow solution.

Ensure the legal right to third-party software

with a Software Escrow Agreement.

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Document and test business continuity plans

with Software Escrow Verification.

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Securely store business critical source code and data

with View.

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Foley & Lardner

“In high-risk industries, we need to document how we’ve mitigated risk. Either it’s a critical system we just absolutely, positively must have in operation or it’s an important application but from a really small vendor. In either case, we have to start thinking of escrow and documenting that we’ve put risk mitigation practices in place.”

Michael Overly, Partner
Foley & Lardner

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Software Escrow Services

Discover Software Escrow services from Escode.

Software Escrow Agreement

A Software Escrow Agreement is a simple and effective tri-party arrangement with mutually agreed terms between the software customer, vendor, and Escode. Under the terms of the Agreement, the vendor periodically deposits a copy of the software source code and associated materials for secure storage, ensuring that the material can be accessed and released should the need arise.

Software Escrow Verification

Software Escrow Verification tests the source code and material held under the Software Escrow Agreement to ensure it is correct, complete, and can be rebuilt into the working application. Software Escrow Verification enables businesses to document and test business continuity plans for critical third-party services, providing a higher level of resilience.



Why 14,000+ businesses choose Escode

Escode Software Escrow Flexible Agreements

Flexible Agreements

We provide adaptable Escrow agreements designed to suit your clients individual requirements. Choose from Cloud or on-premises solutions, available in 17 jurisdictions.

Escrow agreements

Escode Software Escrow Automated Depositing

Automated Depositing

With Escode your clients can benefit from effortless integration, automated depositing, and streamlined Escrow solution management through View.

Discover View

Escode Software Escrow Secure Storage

Asset Protection

Market-leading security with 24/7 surveillance, secure physical and virtual vaults, and SOC2 monitoring.

Escrow vaults

Escode Software Escrow In House Specialists

In-house Specialists

Our dedicated in-house technical, legal and customer support teams are committed to providing support and guidance.

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Get the guide to learn more

Introduction to Software Escrow

In an era where businesses heavily rely on technology, safeguarding intellectual property becomes a critical priority. This guide explores the role of software escrow and verification services in securing your company’s assets, detailing essential steps, items to be placed in escrow, and emphasizing the importance of a robust verification process.

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