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Information Escrow

Learn how you can protect business-critical designs, formulas, processes and materials with Information Escrow.

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What is Information Escrow?

Information Escrow protects business-critical information such as blueprints, product designs, industrial formulas, manufacturing processes and marketing materials. Designed specifically to protect the growing number of organisations who outsource the development of specific elements of their operations to a specialist third party, any type of business critical information can be covered.



How does Information Escrow work?



Why Escode Information Escrow Services?

Escode Software Escrow Flexible Agreements

Information Escrow Agreement

We provide adaptable Information Escrow Agreements designed to suit your business requirements.

Escrow agreements

Escode Software Escrow Automated Depositing

Automated Depositing

Experience effortless integration, automated depositing and manage your Escrow solutions anytime, anywhere with View.

Discover View

Escode Software Escrow Secure Storage

Asset Protection

Market-leading security with 24/7 surveillance, secure physical and virtual Information Escrow vaults, and SOC2 monitoring.

Escrow vaults

Escode Software Escrow In House Specialists

In-house Specialists

Our dedicated in-house Software Escrow legal, verification and customer supports teams are committed to providing support and guidance.

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Escode Software Escrow Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

As your business expands, we stand ready to support your growth through ongoing product reviews and strategic vendor partnerships.

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Information Escrow FAQs


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