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Software Escrow Agreements

Learn about the types of Software Source Code Escrow Agreements, Software Escrow Agreement release conditions and download a sample below.

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What is a Software Escrow Agreement?

A Software Source Code Escrow Agreement is a simple and effective tri-party arrangement with mutually agreed terms between the software customer, software supplier, and Escode. Under the Software Escrow Agreement, the supplier periodically deposits a copy of the software source code and associated materials for secure storage within Escode's secure physical or virtual vault, ensuring that the material can be accessed and released should the need arise.



Benefits of Escrow Agreements

Safeguards IT investments

A Software Escrow Agreement protects your investment by guaranteeing the long-term availability of third-party software and data while preserving the developer’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Supports compliance

A Software Escrow Agreement supports compliance with audit requirements as well as IT outsourcing and third-party risk management regulatory requirements and guidance.

Enables continuity

A Software Escrow Agreement mitigates the risks associated with software vendors and forms a key part of business continuity and exit planning for critical third-party services.





Software Escrow Agreement

SaaS Escrow

Information Escrow

Distributor/Staggered Release Escrow Agreement

Copyright Escrow Agreement

Bespoke Escrow Agreements


Unsure which Escrow Agreement you need?



“Being proactive and placing security and resilience at the start of any  development means that we can confidently explore ideas and push boundaries, safe in the knowledge that we are managing any risk associated with our software supply chain responsibly.”

Andy Ellis Head of NatWest Ventures



Why 14,000+ businesses choose Escode

Escode Software Escrow Flexible Agreements

Flexible Agreements

We provide adaptable Escrow agreements designed to suit your business requirements. Choose from Cloud or on-premises solutions, available in 17 jurisdictions.

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Escode Software Escrow Automated Depositing

Automated Depositing

Experience effortless integration, automated depositing and manage your Escrow solutions anytime, anywhere with View.

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Escode Software Escrow Secure Storage

Asset Protection

Market-leading security with 24/7 surveillance, secure physical and virtual vaults, and SOC2 monitoring.

Escrow vaults

Escode Software Escrow In House Specialists

In-house Specialists

Our dedicated in-house technical, legal and customer support teams are committed to providing support and guidance.

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Escode Software Escrow Scalable Solutions

Scalable Solutions

As your business expands, we stand ready to support your growth through ongoing product reviews and strategic vendor partnerships.

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Get the guide to learn more

Introduction to Software Escrow

In an era where businesses heavily rely on technology, safeguarding intellectual property becomes a critical priority. This guide explores the role of software escrow and verification services in securing your company’s assets, detailing essential steps, items to be placed in escrow, and emphasizing the importance of a robust verification process.

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