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Escrow Vaults

We offer flexible escrow depositing options within our physical vaults or virtual vault within Escode's secure cloud environment.

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Discover our Escrow Vaults

Escode understands that when depositing business-critical materials into escrow, security, availability, and access is of paramount importance. As part of our commitment to client security and data protection requirements, we have strict access to both our global physical vaults and our virtual vault within Escode's secure cloud environment. Find out more about the specifications of our vaults below.



Virtual vault (secure cloud environment)

At Escode we provide customers with the option to store the materials deposited under their Software Escrow Agreement into our Virtual Vault within Escode's secure cloud environment. Our Virtual Vault provides greater flexibility for those customers who need to ensure compliance with the ever-changing regulations that govern the storage and residency of data.

As with our physical vaults, security, availability, and access is of upmost importance for our Virtual Vault. Our Virtual Vault denies all access by external parties and is maintained solely by our Cloud Operations team, who are specifically authorized using a least privileged access model. Our Virtual Vault Cloud environment also benefits from 24/7 monitoring by NCC Group’s Security Operations Centre (SOC) with incident management and response.

Virtual vault specification

  • Access is granted to authorized Escode employees only and secured by multi-factor authentication, strong credential policies, identity and access management controls, and conditional access policies.
  • Data within the environment is secured by industry-standard encryption, backed by HSM technology.
  • Data is geo-replicated within the same region to protect against data centre failure and a 90-day retention policy enables the recovery of data if required.



Physical vaults

Escode has several physical vaults in locations throughout the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands, and the United States.

Limited access to all of our physical vaults is reserved for specially authorized Escode personnel only, with sophisticated security and recording measures in place to ensure the protection of your materials while under our guardianship.

For an additional level of security, we also operate dual depositing of all materials handled under the Software Escrow Agreements as standard.

Physical vault specification

  • 24/7 security
  • Highly secure, blast-proof construction
  • Building close circuit camera system
  • State-of-the-art monitored fire alarm system
  • Single access vault/steel door
  • Strict access controls, including permanent access log
  • Smoke detection sensors throughout
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Full barcoding provides comprehensive track and trace system



“Being proactive and placing security and resilience at the start of any  development means that we can confidently explore ideas and push boundaries, safe in the knowledge that we are managing any risk associated with our software supply chain responsibly.”

Andy Ellis Head of NatWest Ventures



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In an era where businesses heavily rely on technology, safeguarding intellectual property becomes a critical priority. This guide explores the role of software escrow and verification services in securing your company’s assets, detailing essential steps, items to be placed in escrow, and emphasizing the importance of a robust verification process.

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