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14 February 2022

Case Study: Delivering Business Continuity Assurance in the Renewable Energy Sector

Case Study


Renewable Energy

Customer Challenge

This renewable energy-focused services provider uses cutting-edge technology to deliver solar energy and battery-storage solutions. The vendor was looking for a solution to provide business continuity assurance to its end users.


To provide assurances, the energy provider’s written materials and some methodologies for their battery technologies are placed into an escrow account for their customers. This information will be released to them if the vendor is not available to fix problems.

“From a risk averted standpoint, the escrow agreement is focused on customer protection. We’re often requiring a long-term service commitment, plus our technology is expected to have a long-term operational life. So, from their perspective, escrow is a huge risk mitigation point.” - Legal Counsel

In addition to escrowing these materials, they are adding firmware, and software into escrow. “Escrowing software is becoming a more consistent request by our customers,” explains the company’s legal counsel. “We need a provider like NCC Group, where we can securely store that source code on an untouchable basis until the release conditions are met.”

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