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Protect your Source Code

With Software Escrow Services

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Software Escrow Services Australia

Software Escrow Services

You’ve made substantial investments in custom software to optimize your operations. But what if your software developer suddenly vanishes? Don’t fret – Escode’s Software Escrow Services have you covered. We safeguard your tech investments, ensuring uninterrupted business operations and peace of mind. Contact our Australia team today to learn more.

Australia's Leading Software Escrow Services

Escode is the leading provider of Software Escrow in Australia. Explore our services and connect with your local Escode Software Escrow Agent.

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Benefits of Software Source Code Escrow

Risk Mitigation

Software Escrow mitigates third-party risk and protects your investment in custom software development. As your Software Escrow Agent, we secure your intellectual property and other critical assets ensuring you can access this material, even if the developer ceases operations.

Business Continuity

Software Escrow keeps your important assets safe. If your developer has problems, Escrow lets you access those assets, so your operations can keep running smoothly. Easily test and document your business continuity plans with our Software Escrow Services.

Verification and Testing

Our meticulous Software Escrow Verification process uses the latest technology to test that the deposited material is accurate, complete, and usable upon release. And our early issue detection allows for timely corrections before software deployment.


Software Escrow Services

With 35+ years' experience and 14,000+ customers worldwide, Escode is the global leader in Software Escrow. Explore our Software Source Code Escrow and Escrow as a Service solutions and connect with your local Software Escrow Agent in Sydney, Australia.


Get the guide to learn more

Introduction to Software Escrow

In an era where businesses heavily rely on technology, safeguarding intellectual property becomes a critical priority. This guide explores the role of software escrow and verification services in securing your company’s assets, detailing essential steps, items to be placed in escrow, and emphasizing the importance of a robust verification process.

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