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Electronic escrow deposit submission FAQ

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Customers now have a secure and reliable method for submitting their escrow deposits electronically through Iron Mountain Intellectual Property Management (IPM) services. Using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) technology as an effective solution, it is both highly secure and reliable, and is also among the most ubiquitous file transfer mechanisms to implement and operate. FTP also provides benefits such as ensuring transfer integrity, encrypting content and ensuring authenticity. Through our IPM services, you also have the option of Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) uploads. SFTP transfers can occur over the Internet or a dedicated communications line.

Secure file transfer protocol (sftp) is an effective solution because it is both highly secure and reliable, and is also among the most ubiquitous file transfer mechanisms to implement and operate.

How Does it Work?

Once the files to be escrowed are transferred to Iron Mountain’s secure underground facility, they are placed in an inbound server directory specific to each customer. The server will process the files and store them within that customer’s specified FTP directory.

Getting Started

A customer must have an active contract in place with IPM. To set up an FTP account contact your account manager or email IPM will configure the FTP server and set up an account. After the setup is complete, a username and password is provided via email.

Steps for Submitting an Electronic Escrow deposit:

  1. Open the FTP application software client of your choice. Some examples include CuteFTP and IPswitch WS_FTP Pro. You can also connect using an internet browser such as Internet Explorer.
  2. Connect to Iron Mountain’s FTP server by entering in the address field.
  3. Enter the user ID and password information that was sent to you in the setup email. All other FTP settings are standard using port 20/21.
  4. Select files to be transferred.
  5. Upload files into the appropriate directory (the directory will be named by the customer’s deposit account number).
  6. Confirm the files were transferred by opening the directory.
  7. Disconnect from the FTP service.
  8. Submit a completed copy of Exhibit B to Iron Mountain via one of the following means:
    1. Include the Exhibit B in the file transfer with the files being deposited. (exhibit B .doc or .pdf only)
    2. Email with the Exhibit B.
    3. Complete and submit the Exhibit B using the online Exhibit B Wizard.

This is extremely important since Escrow Services will not be able to process deposited files without a corresponding Exhibit B. Please see the Electronic Escrow Deposit Submission FAQ below for instructions on completing the Exhibit B.

Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)

For SFTP connection there will need to be changes to the SFTP software client. Use of the following URL — s — and connect via port 22. In some instances Escrow Services FTP servers require that the customer’s IP address have an assigned nodeName within their DNS. If the IP address does not resolve back to a nodeName, a connection to Iron Mountain’s server will not be established and files will not be transferred. Setting up the nodeName can help in the depositing of large file sizes that sometimes cause timeout failures. See your network administrator for further assistance.

What Happens Next?

Once a customer’s electronic escrow deposit has been received, Escrow Services will send a deposit confirmation letter via email. Customers will not have access to their escrow deposit materials once they have been moved to Iron Mountain’s secure server.

Electronic depositing frequently asked questions

Q. Can my account’s username and password be the same?

A. Due to the sensitivity of the data we maintain the username must be different than the password. Iron Mountain assigns all account usernames. The client can choose the password of their choice.

Q. Are account usernames case sensitive?

A: Yes. Usernames are case sensitive and will only contain lowercase letters.

Q. Are account passwords case sensitive?

A. Yes. Upper- and lowercase versions of the same letter are considered to be separate characters and are not interchangeable when entering your password. Your password must be 8-12 characters in length and must NOT include your company name.

Q. What is the duration of the account setup process?

A. Approximately 5-7 business days.

Q. Do we supply the SFTP client software or application?

A. No. Iron Mountain does not provide the FTP client software. However, files can be transferred using your PC’s command-line prompt or an Internet browser. Third-party client applications may also be purchased to transfer files.

Q. Is there a file size limitation?

A. No. However, we recommend that large deposits with a high file count should be sent in batches of fewer than 1,000, and best transfer speeds are achieved on transfers of less than 1GB. Compress all deposited files when possible (examples: .ZIP, .TAR, .RAR). When uploading a large deposit you may lose or drop connection to the Iron Mountain FTP servers. Refer to your IT department to configure your DNS for reverse lookup.

Q. Am I permitted to rename folders in my directory?

A. No, but you are able to create sub-folders in your directory.

Q. What tcp port is used for secure ftp?

A. Port 22 (SSH).

Q. Why does my SFTP session get disconnected from the IPM server in the middle of a file transfer?

A. IPM’s FTP servers require that your IP address have an assigned nodeName in your DNS system. In other words, your IP address must resolve back to a DNS nodeName in order to access the IPM server. You should contact your network administrator if you experience this problem.

Q. Will files of the same name be overwritten?

A. No. All files are separated by date. The only way a file will be overwritten is if you resend the same file on the same day.

Q. Can I access my files as soon as they have been transferred?

A. No. Once your files have been transferred and are idle for 3 minutes, the files are moved to our secure server.

Q. Who do I contact with inquiries regarding my ftp account?

A. Please email your inquiries

Q. Can I encrypt my deposit prior to submitting?

A. Yes. There are many encryption tools available. You will need to list the names of any tools used to encrypt the information included in the deposit and provide the keys/passwords necessary to decrypt the deposit.

Q. Is there a different exhibit b form for electronic escrow depositing?

A. Yes. When your FTP account is set up, you will be provided with an Exhibit B used specifically for electronic depositing.

Q. Where else can I get this exhibit B form?

A. You can contact your account manager or sales representative, or send an email to

Q. What information is mandatory on the Exhibit B?


  • Company name
  • Escrow deposit account number
  • Product name and version of deposit
  • Internet file transfer box checked
  • # of files deposited
  • # of folders deposited
  • Deposit encryption
  • Deposit certification

Q. Does it matter who submits the exhibit b?

A. Yes. Only Depositors/Producers identified in the agreement can make deposits to an account

Q. Can I submit my exhibit b form online?

A. Yes, by use of the Exhibit B Wizard. There is no additional charge and this service is available through the Iron Mountain Connect™ Escrow Management Center portal. The Exhibit B Wizard automates the creation of an Exhibit B form that is then electronically sent to Iron Mountain, simplifying the technology escrow deposit process and strengthening chain-of-custody, handling and tracking. Contact your client representative for more information and registration.

Q. How often can I make deposits?

A. As often as you wish.

Q. Who gets notified when a deposit has been made?

A. Only Depositors and a Beneficiary’s Designated Points of Contact are notified when a deposit to an account has been made.

Q. How long will it take for me to be notified of a deposit?

A. Deposits are normally processed within 48 hours of receipt, and deposit notifications are sent out 24 hours after processing unless a problem exists with the deposit.

Q. What if there is a problem with my deposit?

A. If discrepancies are found with the deposit (e.g., no Exhibit B, number of files or folders doesn’t match, etc.), Iron Mountain will place the deposit in a troubleshooting status and work with the depositor to correct the issue. The way Iron Mountain accomplishes this is by contacting the person who sent the deposit to us within 48 hours. The first contact is via email and each subsequent follow-up attempt will be made by phone. If, after 12 business days, Iron Mountain has not heard from the depositor, we will return the deposit to the person who submitted it.

Q. Can we make changes to the exhibit B form over the phone?

A. For legal reasons, Iron Mountain cannot make changes to your Exhibit B (i.e., add account numbers, change the deposit name or quantity, etc.). You will need to send in a corrected copy to

Q. How can I retrieve outdated deposit materials?

A. You can request that your previously deposited materials be destroyed by either contacting your account manager or indicating this request on your current Exhibit B form (requests may be subject to joint instructions).



NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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