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APRA CPS 230 Summary

This guide provides a summary of the APRA CPS 230 Operational Risk Management standards and best practice advice for ensuring compliance.

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The Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) CPS 230 is a framework for APRA-regulated entities that aims to ensure resilience and stability across the financial services sector through operational risk management, robust business continuity plans and third-party risk mitigation for important or critical services.

Download our guide for a summary of the CPS 230 standards.

What's inside:

  • An overview of CPS 230 and when it comes into effect
  • A summary of the APRA CPS 230 standards
  • Advice for strengthening operational risk management
  • Guidance for documenting and testing business continuity plans
  • How to assess and manage third-party risk

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APRA CPS 230 Summary


What is CPS 230?

The CPS 230 Operational Risk Management guidelines aim to strengthen the management of operational risk to ensure each regulated entity in the banking, insurance, and superannuation industries, can maintain critical operations through severe disruptions.

When does it come into effect?

The APRA released the new CPS 230 Operational Risk Management standards following industry consultation that commenced in July 2022. APRA CPS 230 will come into effect on July 1, 2025 and all APRA-regulation entities must ensure compliance by this date.

What are CPS 230 standards?

CPS 230 standards are designed to ensure firms strengthen operational resilience, improve business continuity planning, and enhance third-party risk management. Our guide details the policies and procedures APRA-regulated entities can implement to ensure compliance with CPS 230 standards.


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