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Industrial software supply chain risk and continuity

Download our guide to managing industrial software supply chain risk and ensuring the continuity of business-critical outsourced applications.

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Our guide provides advice for managing software supply-chain risk and ensuring continued access to outsourced software applications in the event of unplanned downtime or supplier failure.

What's inside?

  • How OT is driving digital transformation.
  • The risks of outsourcing industrial software.
  • How to ensure third-party application availability.
  • How Software Escrow removes supply-chain risk.

With Software Escrow, in the event of supplier failure:

  • You can access and utilise your unique data.
  • You are able to continue updating the software application.
  • You can transfer management of the software to another vendor.
  • You can continue to access SaaS applications.

Download the guide to learn how you can secure your software supply chain today!

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How to protect industrial software

Manage supply chain risk

From improving productivity in manufacturing to delivering safe, reliable, and efficient services in infrastructure, businesses are more reliant on industrial software to transform operations and productivity now more than ever before. Industrial businesses must implement risk mitigation measures to ensure continued access to business-critical software source code and data in the event of unplanned downtime due to supply chain disruption.

Implement a business continuity plan

While there are industrial software BCDR solutions available to recover data, most do not protect against supplier failure and the loss of critical source code. Software Escrow is the only solution for industrial environments, both on-premise and cloud, that provides the legal right to access the critical source code, data, and information required to access and restore applications in the event of supply chain failure.

Secure your software supply chain


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