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Assure customer confidence with iron mountain technology escrow

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RedPrairie is a Leader in Inventory, Transportation, and Workforce Solutions that Help Deliver Productivity Increases for Its Customers.


Since RedPrairie provides technology solutions, customers sometimes are wary about what might happen in the event that RedPrairie is unable to support its technology in the future. Iron Mountain technology escrow gives RedPrairie’s customers a sense of security and safety.


RedPrairie establishes an Iron Mountain technology escrow agreement if requested by their customers. This assures that access to their product will be maintained, even if something happens to the company.


RedPrairie customers have responded favorably to technology escrow because it gives them the assurances they want. And, RedPrairie realizes the ability to offer technology escrow gives them a competitive advantage.

RedPrairie delivers technology solutions that help companies around the world boost productivity in three categories — inventory, transportation, and workforce. RedPrairie provides these solutions to manufacturers, distributors, and retailers who are looking to reduce costs, increase sales, and create a competitive advantage.

Designed to work together, RedPrairie solutions optimize activities through all layers of operations — aligning inventory, transportation, and people with software to make sure goods reach the right place at the right time. For retail operations, this means that consumers must have access to desired products and that the store is staffed with the right people to help them make their purchases. In the production cycle, it means suppliers and manufacturers can coordinate production and shipments based on demand signals to reduce inventory and transportation costs.

A privately held company supporting more than 34,000 customer sites in over 40 countries, RedPrairie offers a wide range of software and services. Leading retailers trust RedPrairie solutions to deliver an increase in productivity — with the flexibility to adapt as business needs change.

The Challenge

As RedPrairie's senior director of technical services, Scott Brown faces on-the-job challenges every day. And, as RedPrairie grows its business, his goal is to direct that growth in a cost-effective manner, while installing and maintaining up-to-date technology to support the company's customers.

"The ability to offer a technology escrow agreement to our customers gives us an extra layer of competitive advantage over any competitor that does not offer these services." — Scott Brown, Senior Direct or of Technical Services, RedPrairie

Brown knows that customers need to feel comfortable and confident as they enter into a business relationship with RedPrairie. The company understands the challenges their customers face, and offers an integrated suite of solutions to keep products moving, help employees work more efficiently, and reduce transportation costs. Naturally, at the same time, customers may be looking for assurances about the software behind RedPrairie’s solutions.

Iron Mountain serves as a risk mitigation resource when two or more parties are negotiating a license for software. When a software escrow contract is established, the source code for that software is placed within a secure escrow account held by Iron Mountain. This type of escrow agreement offers peace of mind to all parties. Even if RedPrairie's business circumstances change, their software's source code will be accessible to their customers to facilitate recreating, maintaining, and supporting related applications going forward.

Brown states, "When our customers want escrow protection, it's nice for us to be able to say, 'We use Iron Mountain.' The response is always positive. Once they hear Iron Mountain’s name, it's no longer even a discussion."

Escrow Protection for Attorneys

As an attorney representing clients who use or develop software or other technology, you can help ensure proper intellectual property protection by recommending that they leverage Iron Mountain’s comprehensive technology escrow services. Widely acknowledged in the legal community as the industry leader for technology escrow services, an Iron Mountain escrow account will significantly reduce your clients’ technology licensing risks.

The Solution

The Solution RedPrairie has been using Iron Mountain’s technology escrow solutions for at least ten years. “Quite honestly, escrow is very cheap insurance,” comments Brown. “And it’s a very good insurance program for our customers.” The company also uses Iron Mountain for data backup and offsite tape vaulting.

Many of RedPrairie’s customers seek to put an escrow agreement into place when they decide to use the company’s services and software. RedPrairie has accommodated this request with a standard escrow offering. In this standard escrow offering, Iron Mountain acts as a trusted, neutral, third party, and safeguards RedPrairie’s software source code in secure, access-protected escrow accounts to document and maintain intellectual property integrity.

If for some reason RedPrairie becomes unable to support their products in the future, customers with escrow protection can contact Iron Mountain to request a release. If the release conditions are satisfied, Iron Mountain will release the software source code to RedPrairie’s customers. “Our customers know the Iron Mountain brand,” Brown concludes. “Once they realize Iron Mountain is our partner for escrow services, that’s it; the work is done.”


NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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