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Deliver confidence with a SaaSProtect contingency strategy

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Business Challenge

Prospective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscribers are drawn to the ease, simplicity, and cost efficiencies of cloud-based applications, but they may also be wary of what may happen to their operations if something happens to you as their provider. What if you should go out of business, or be otherwise unable to support their application? Simply put: SaaS providers are responsible for data and processes that are the very lifeblood of their customers’ businesses. Engendering trust with your subscribers is essential to any organization’s continued success as a solution provider. How can you deliver the confidence they’ll need to choose you as a business partner?

Industry Fact: 46% of all potential SaaS sales fall through due to subscribers’ perceived risk of entrusting their data and application to a provider.
Source: Softletter Research. “2013 Softletter SaaS report.” 2013

What if You Could...

  • Ensure that your subscribers can access the application and their data, no matter what happens to your business?
  • Prove that your SaaS solutions can be as reliable as on-premise software?
  • Overcome the perceived risks associated with SaaS technology, so you can close the deal?

Our Cloud Services

With Iron Mountain’s SaaSProtect® Suite of Services, you can address subscriber concerns by safeguarding their information. As a result of the criticality of the SaaS application and your subscriber’s risk tolerance, different levels of protection are available based on recovery point objectives (RPO) and recovery time objectives (RTO). Iron Mountain acts as a trusted third party who manages access rights to the data and administers the SaaSProtect® agreement between the providers and subscribers.

Source Code Escrow and Verification offers your subscribers access to proprietary deposit materials defined by the parties such as source code, maintenance materials, and data, when an escrow trigger occurs. Verification tests are available upon request to validate accuracy and completeness.

SaaSProtect® Backup offers your subscribers continuous, automated online backup from you to Iron Mountain, where a virtual copy of the application and data are stored daily, and where access to their data only is available when an escrow trigger occurs.

SaaSProtect® Continuity offers your subscribers continuous, and virtual replication of your application and environment to Iron Mountain, where a restore-ready environment is always available to provide access to the application and data to your subscriber for up to 60 days when an escrow-like trigger occurs.

SaaSProtect® High Availability offers continuous, automated online backup, real-time virtual replication, and one-to-one mirroring of your application and environment to Iron Mountain, where an always-ready environment is available. With the SaaSProtect® High Availability Service,

you can also use advanced cloud-based disaster recovery services. You’ll benefit from advanced recovery capabilities that enable you to seamlessly failover to Iron Mountain should an unplanned outage occur, and failback to your primary environment once it’s available again — without any downtime for your customers.

With Iron Mountain, you can bolster the assurances that you give your subscribers because a proven industry leader is backing your contingency strategy. The SaaS application and your customers’ data will still be available, even if you were unable to support their application. With SaaSProtect® services from Iron Mountain, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’re prepared for the unexpected.

What You Gain

  • The capacity to deliver application availability with advanced recovery capabilities.
  • A competitive advantage by offering subscribers an industry-leading application contingency strategy.
  • Assurances for your customers because they have the ability to maintain their business if something were to happen to your company.
  • A way to demonstrate that your organization is a safe, reliable choice for SaaS applications.


NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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