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Discovery escrow services

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A Secure Process and Environment for Gathering and Examining Intellectual Property Evidence Under Dispute.

Discovery's Natural Conflict Of Interest

Paralleling the rise in intellectual property litigation, so too has there been a dramatic increase in the need for controlled and documented access to a defendant’s intellectual property.

During the discovery phase of litigation, defendants must satisfy the discovery requirements of the court, while simultaneously protecting their intellectual property. At the same time, it is essential that the plaintiff’s attorneys and experts gain access to the information necessary to prepare for trial. Iron Mountain’s Discovery Escrow Service has been designed to simplify and facilitate pre-trial discovery to meet the needs of both parties.

As the founder of the technology escrow industry, Iron Mountain is recognized as the leading neutral third party that securely manages intellectual property assets for tens of thousands of organizations. In response to requests from patent litigation attorneys to better leverage intellectual property assets held in escrow for use in the legal discovery process, Iron Mountain developed its Discovery Escrow Service.

Create A Mutually Beneficial Protective Order

When parties are challenged to comply with discovery requirements in a timely manner, Iron Mountain’s Discovery Escrow Service has been successfully proposed as part of a mutually beneficial protective order to the court.

Did You Know? Patent litigation in the U.S. has increased over 230% in the past two decades.

Discovery Escrow provides a secure and controlled environment that allows plaintiffs to access and examine the intellectual property in question, while eliminating the potential exposure and risk associated with defendants delivering that proprietary information directly to plaintiffs. Leveraging Iron Mountain’s extensive national footprint of secure data protection vaults, the Discovery Escrow Service is delivered at locations that are conveniently located and agreeable to both parties.

Flexible Terms Meet The Needs Of Your Unique Case

Discovery Escrow allows you to efficiently comply with the discovery provisions related to intellectual property litigation, while helping to reduce the cost, response time, and potential exposure that frequently accompany legal discovery.

By leveraging Iron Mountain’s Discovery Escrow Service, you will receive:

  • Protection of assets in state-of-the-art electronic media vaults located in every major metropolitan area in the U.S., allowing convenient access for both parties.
  • Controlled and documented viewing of intellectual property during pre-trial discovery by a select group of authorized personnel.
  • A comfortable working environment — with onsite customer service — in which to review proprietary deposited materials.
  • A flexible security protocol to meet the specific needs of each case.
  • An optional web-based “virtual discovery room” for use when access is required by multiple parties around the world.

And, you can have peace of mind knowing that our unmatched reputation as the leader in information protection and storage is the reason why recent Discovery Escrow projects have included some of the world’s most notable technology companies.


NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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