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We offer data escrow for registrars with ICANN

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers began implementation of its Registrar Data Escrow (RDE) program in 2007. This program is designed to help ensure the stability and security of the Internet's domain name system through escrow of critical gTLD registration data, ensuring that the information associated with registered domain names is never at risk.

In accordance with the Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA), this data can be used by ICANN to allow continuity of registrar operations in the event a registrar's RAA is terminated or expires without renewal.

We are the global leader in information protection and storage services, was selected by ICANN as its designated escrow agent for the RDE program through a competitive RFP bidding process. ICANN joins thousands of customers worldwide who rely on our technology escrow services to protect their intellectual property.

The RDE program basics

ICANN established the RDE program pursuant to section 3.6 of the RAA to help protect “thick” registration data provided to registrars and to allow for secure and predictable transition of registrar operations in the event a registrar's accreditation agreement is not renewed or terminates. Under the terms of the RAA, ICANN-accredited registrars must deposit registration data with ICANN, through its escrow agent such as us, or with another approved third-party provider of escrow services.

The RAA requires all ICANN-accredited registrars to escrow a CSV text file containing the name and postal address of the registered domain name holder, as well as the name, postal address, email address, voice telephone number, and fax number of the administrative, technical, and billing contacts for each registered domain name within each TLD for which a registrar is accredited. Registrars are also permitted and encouraged to escrow beneficial registrant data for customers of WHOIS privacy or proxy services.

“The vast majority of ICANN's accredited registrars offer high levels of service and integrity. But as we have seen, there is the risk that poorly performing registrars can hurt registrants significantly. ICANN has selected Iron Mountain as its escrow agent to help implement the Registrar Data Escrow program, a sensible and practical measure to protect registrants by storing and safeguarding a backup copy of domain name registration data in escrow.” — Dr. Paul Twomey, President and CEO of ICANN

The benefits of escrow for domain name information

Through their participation in the RDE program, registrars can assure their customers that their domain name registration information is safe, and will be accessible by ICANN in the unlikely event that the registrar's operations are disrupted.

There is no additional cost to registrars who escrow their registration data with us, as ICANN's selected escrow agent. Registrars who elect to use a third-party provider must do so at their own expense.

The data held in escrow is also valuable as a secondary backup method to support disaster preparedness and business continuity planning. In the event of a natural disaster or other situation in which registration data is lost or damaged, a stored copy of critical domain name registration information can be retrieved from us.


NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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