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Software escrow service workflow

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Mission-critical technology is everywhere, and you depend on it every day. Failing to protect mission-critical technology puts your business at risk... you can’t afford not to safeguard your reliance on it.

Protect your mission-critical software source code with:

  • Media-management best practices to securely transmit and track your media
  • Verification services to ensure all of the right information will be available
  • Formalized, auditable workflows to help prove compliance throughout the escrow process

Software Escrow

Business Challenge

You need to protect your investment in technology.

You want to make sure your source code is safe and will be accessible if needed. You’ve decided to use an escrow solution, but what’s the process? How do you know your source code will be well cared for? And if a situation arises where a software application needed to run your business becomes unavailable, will the escrow deposit materials contain everything you need to recreate that software?

What if you cloud

  • Be assured of a simple, repeatable process for your software escrow workflow?
  • Gain peace of mind that all parties’ needs are taken into consideration and fairly balanced?
  • Secure your mission-critical technology in unparalleled storage facilities?
  • Protect your vital assets and preserve the integrity of your intellectual property?

When a software escrow contract is established, the source code for that software is placed within a secure escrow account held by us. If the developer is not able to support its product at some point in the future — whether due to a bankruptcy, an end-of-life announcement, or a merger, acquisition or strategic partnership — the user who has licensed that software contacts us to request a release. We then contact the developer, and if the release conditions are satisfied, the source code is released to the user.

Iron Mountain follows rigorous standards to keep our customers’ data safe, including security-industry best practices coupled with Iron Mountain-developed methodology.

The bottom line: Iron Mountain takes data protection seriously and goes to great lengths to protect customer data from significant credible threats. Iron Mountain’s software escrow solution provides security at every level, from deposit transfer to long-term storage. We safeguard your investment at every stage of the escrow process, streamline escrow administration through easy-to-use deposit processing tools, and provide real-time, online management for all of your escrow accounts.

When you escrow with Iron Mountain, you protect your investments in technology. Optionally, by choosing Escrow Verification Services, you can also ensure deposit materials include all the components necessary to read, recreate, maintain, and support the software applications needed to run your business.

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NCC Group Software Resilience has acquired Iron Mountain’s Intellectual Property Management (IPM) business. For more information on the acquisition, please visit our dedicated information hub, or contact Iron Mountain IPM.

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