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Guide to protecting new software investments

This step-by-step guide covers everything you need to consider during the software procurement process to ensure your new investments are secured.

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From selecting a supplier to onboarding your new application, our guide provides best practice advice for assessing and managing the risks associated with third-party software vendors at each stage of the software procurement process.

The guide also provides best practice advice and solutions for maintaining business continuity following disruption to third-party software, including application downtime or supplier insolvency.

What's inside:

  • Key things to consider when procuring a new software application
  • How to assess and manage third-party risk at each stage of the software procurement process
  • How to protect your new software investment

Download the guide to learn about the importance of managing supplier risk during the software procurement process.

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Software Procurement Process

Compare Solutions

You’ve been asked to support with the sourcing and onboarding of a new piece of software - in most cases, you won’t be a user of the software itself - so it’s important to ensure that your buying strategy incorporates the questions included in our guide and considers the associated risks and impact of implementation.

Supplier Assessment

When procuring a new solution it’s important to plan for the unexpected. To evaluate your solutions efficiently, you should consider the risks associated with third-party software suppliers. These risks include any regulations you must comply with, how the application is hosted, where your data is stored and more.

Protect your Investment

Without the in-house expertise to rebuild or support an application, businesses can be left without access to critical software for prolonged periods of time in the event of vendor failure. A business continuity plan mitigates this risk and details who’s responsible for providing continued access to your application.

Protect new software investments today


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