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09 August 2023

b-next partners with NCC Group to provide business continuity assurance

regtech b-next partner case study


b-next is a RegTech company providing Capital Markets Trading Surveillance and Compliance Solutions. Their Capital Markets Compliance (CMC:eSuite) solution, is an agile platform designed to meet the trade compliance needs of businesses operating in the financial, commodities, and energy industries.

Given the critical need for operational resilience and reliability in these highly regulated industries, b-next has partnered with NCC Group Software Resilience to ensure the continued availability and business continuity of their solutions.

By partnering with NCC Group, b-next offers their customers an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, enabling them to focus on growth and profitability while safeguarding their business against potential risks.

"We chose to become an NCC Group Software Resilience Partner to help us respond to our clients’ and their regulators’ increasing demands for business continuity assurance."


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