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11 October 2021

Beyond the breach: The 24 hours after supply chain failure

Learn how a supply chain failure can impact your business, the true cost of downtime and how you can protect your operations and easily recover from supplier failure, unplanned disruption or a ransomware attack.

NCC Group Software Escrow Beyond The Breach The 24 Hours After Supply Chain Failure Ebook


Is your software supply chain at risk of disruption?

As we move into a post-pandemic world, many businesses continue to pull forward their digital transformation strategies and outsource critical business processes to third parties.

Third-party vendors are part of every organization’s supply chain, and an attack against the vendor, their environment or hosted application will most certainly have a rippling effect to an organization’s customers base. Particularly as supply chains become more dynamic, growing in size and complexity.

What happens when your business-critical systems go down?

The increased sharing of data and network access across the supply chain makes managing the extended threats of third-party vendors can be a daunting task. Preparing for these threats before they ever happen may reduce the impact of the attack - but what happens when you aren’t prepared?

Download our eBook to learn how a system failure impacts your business when you aren't prepared.

What is the cost of service downtime?

When you’re bound by data privacy regulations, you need to know exactly what security standards are being implemented across the entire supply chain. The financial impact of a data breach is undoubtedly one of the most hard-hitting consequences that organizations will have to deal with. For data breaches involving a third party, where sensitive information belonging to an organization is compromised through a vendor or supplier, the average cost is $700,000 more.

Beyond a data breach, falling victim to a third-party failure comes with a host of other costly consequences. These include:

  • Operational disruption
  • Reputational damage
  • Risk of non-compliance

Download the eBook to discover the true cost of service downtime, operational disruption, reputational damage and non-compliance.

How can you reduce your chance of third-party supply-chain breach?

The following can help to detect, mitigate and minimize the risks third-parties add to the business environment, enabling you to keep business impact and reputational risk to a minimum.

  • Identify your third-parties
  • Categorise third-party dependencies on their criticality and concentration risk
  • Perform due diligence before onboarding the vendor
  • Create a comprehensive business continuity plan

Download our eBook to learn more about preparing for unplanned disruption and how NCC Group can help.

Download our eBook to learn more

Beyond the breach: Everything you need to know in the 24 hours after supply chain failure

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