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01 May 2023

Fencore Partners with NCC Group to Provide Operational Resilience


Fencore’s Datahub is a cloud-native data management platform designed to help financial institutions improve the quality and security of their data as well as build data pipelines and workflows.

As a highly regulated industry, financial institutions are highly dependent on their data flows to be operational at all times, ensuring they have contingency plans in place for system failures or disruptions in service. Fencore recognises this and has prioritised guaranteeing clients' access to their platform and ensuring business continuity.

By partnering with NCC Group, Fencore can now provide clients with enhanced operational resilience. NCC Group's expertise in software resilience provides Fencore with the peace of mind that they can focus on providing their clients with the best possible service without worrying about disruptions or system failures. 

"Fencore has been engaged for projects with large financial institutions and as an NCC Group Partner, we’re able to list NCC Group as our provider of escrow services upon inquiry by the clients. It’s becoming more and more common for clients to ask about contingencies for service failure, and we’re in a great position to respond to those queries now."


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