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01 December 2023

Heathrow Express Guarantees Business Continuity with SaaS Escrow


Heathrow Express Cloud Solution Case Study

Does hosting software applications in the cloud guarantee operational resilience and business continuity? Unfortunately, the answer is no. 

No company is immune to third-party provider failure. If you want to adopt new innovative cloud technology, to remain competitive within your industry, you'll need to have a well-tested, fast reacting business continuity strategy.

And that’s exactly what Heathrow Express had in place when they launched the UK’s first fully functional train ticket app.

Hosted within an AWS cloud environment, this quickly became a core component of their operations, as the business relied heavily on the application to ensure their booking system worked seamlessly to match the expectations of customers.

Heathrow Express turned to Escode, part of NCC Group to embed the necessary precautions into their operations to mitigate the risks associated with using an application hosted in the cloud by a third-party software supplier.

Through our Escrow as a Service Replicate solution, which provides Heathrow Express with the legal access to separately hosted and mirrored instance of their software and unique data, they now have the assurance that they can continue to deliver a consistent, high-quality service to their customers by implementing a fast-reacting business continuity strategy.

“By combining our long-term relationship with NCC Group and the technological expertise of AWS, NCC Group’s Escrow as a Service Solution has enabled us to embrace the cloud with complete peace of mind in the knowledge that our services are robust and secure.” Les Freer, Director at Heathrow Express 

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