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01 July 2021

Machine Learning and Technology Risk


If you depend on Machine Learning, is your Underlying Technology at Risk?

Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are quickly becoming the new standard for business operations in various industries, including information management.

While AI is the broad science of mimicking human abilities, machine learning is a specific subset of AI that trains a machine how to learn.

What is Machine Learning?

SAS Insights explains machine learning is a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building. It is a branch of artificial intelligence based on the idea that systems can learn from data, identify patterns, and make decisions with minimal human intervention. Machines are able to learn how to categorize people or objects, predict likely outcomes, identify patterns and relationships, and detect unexpected behaviours.

Today and the future of Machine Learning Applications

The term “machine learning” was coined by Arthur Samuel in 1959. Samuel was a pioneer in the field of computer gaming and artificial intelligence who worked at IBM. He and other researchers were interested in having machines learn from data.

Today, the capabilities of big data allow complex machine learning algorithms to be applied faster to more data, producing value applications in financial services, healthcare, government, marketing and sales, along with other areas. Some current and future applications of machine learning include:

Is your Machine Learning Technology Protected?

Behind every application of machine learning are algorithms which give computers a set of rules to process data. Since algorithms are basically an instance of logic written in software by software developers, it’s important to know that software source code is protected.

At NCC Group, we safeguard source code with a software escrow agreement so that both the buyer and seller of the technology can rely on a private, safe version of that technology in case it is ever needed in the event of bankruptcy, business failure, or other lack of support. As a neutral, third party we define the leading edge of the field today and continue to be amazed by the immutable benefits of escrow and the role of a neutral party in engendering trust.

What about Machine Learning and your Data?

Machine learning is not possible without data – and lots of it. With machine learning applications, a robust data strategy must be established to access and process high-quality data. This data is a valuable commodity for the companies who rely on it.

Data integrity, security, and accountability are essential and trusted third parties like NCC Group can be relied on here as well to ensure that your data is protected.

Next Steps

As you consider and implement machine learning solutions, make sure you examine all aspects of the equation. As with many leading-edge technologies, the most innovative solutions often come from start-ups or early-stage companies. What would you do if your vendor was acquired, went out of business, or decided to pivot and no longer support your application?

You can protect your technology investment and mitigate risk up front. To learn more about how software escrow works or to download an agreement, visit our contact page.

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