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23 June 2022

Partnering with Resilience: Win Your SaaS Customers’ Confidence

As SaaS application adoption continues to thrive, the issues of resilience and business continuity are climbing the priority list when it comes to choosing a third-party software supplier. In this blog, we take a look at how vendors can reap the benefits of taking a proactive approach to risk mitigation. 

Business continuity partners

“SaaS has crossed the chasm – and at some point, every organization will become a SaaS-Powered Workplace,” according to the BetterCloud 2021 State of SaaS report. The report shows that there has been a 7x increase in SaaS app usage since 2017, and almost a 14x increase since 2015. As a SaaS vendor, you are probably well aware of this already and experiencing the effects of this in your business results.  

Yet, you probably still feel some level of apprehension from your customers because, whilst the appetite for innovation through the cloud is thriving, it is still true that the move to cloud-based applications can come with perceived risks. So, what’s the best way to assure customers who want to invest in your solutions that they can enjoy all the benefits of SaaS, while still protecting their applications and data?

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Learn how to provide assurance to your customers

Delivering Software Resilience Through the Partner Network

More and more software customers are looking to their vendors for assurance that their applications are protected for the long term. Our NCC Resilience Partners are able to recommend or fully embed NCC Group’s escrow services into their offering. This lets vendors like you to get ahead of the continuity conversation. With SaaS Escrow, you have the extra assurance to close deals faster and build trust by adding a layer of resilience to your products and services.

What can be expected from the NCC Group Partner Network?

  • We provide ISVs with a competitive edge, enabling them to land new deals, especially with customers that consider risk mitigation assurance a minimum requirement when onboarding new suppliers
  • Build a recurring accretive revenue stream via partnership rebates, in parallel to application contract renewals
  • We protect the IP of more than 7,000 software suppliers
  • We have a dedicated Partner Team to specifically manage and understand the needs of our new and existing software suppliers

Abigail Thornley, Partner Manager, explains how the NCC Group Partner Network supports software vendors to provide enhanced resilience to their customers. 

What our partners have to say

As you deliver new SaaS solutions to your customers, wouldn’t it help to secure the deal with an  extra layer of resilience? As an NCC Resilience Partner, you’ll be well on your way.  Here’s what some of our partners are saying:

“As an enterprise solution provider in the finance industry, the majority of projects done by Fencore would require assurance of continuity with little downtime. Our partnership with NCC Group is a key enabler of this.”
James Crosby, CEO, Fencore


“By joining NCC Group’s celebrated roster of partners, we can now enable our partners feel confident in adopting the service, safe that this investment is sustainable, whatever the future brings.” 
Neil May, CEO, Surveil


“We chose to become an NCC Group Software Resilience partner in order to assist us in responding to our clients and the increasing demands from regulators regarding business continuity assurance.”
Elias Afxentiou, Director, Prognosys Solutions

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