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21 September 2021

Sennen protects critical business functions with Cloud Escrow

Sennen Case Study


Sennen & NCC Group Software Resilience Cloud Escrow solution Case Study

Sennen provides software and services to leading organizations in the renewable energy industry, transforming efficiency and performance through its unique and agile offshore wind management system.

Sennen’s cloud-hosted software is extensively used for marine operations at one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms. Sennen, recognizing the criticality of its platform to operations, tracking and the optimization of construction and maintenance activity, sought to provide its customers with an independent layer of resilience to provide additional assurance of business continuity.

Sennen reached out to NCC Group to seek advice on how they could reinforce the resilience of their software application and ensure its clients will always have access to their data and application regardless of unforeseeable disruption.

With Sennen providing a bespoke, business-critical system, NCC Group’s Account Director and in-house technical team recommended a tailored Escrow as a Service (EaaS) solution to provide not only an architectural overview of how the cloud application is hosted, but also to ensure the client has the ability to access the source code and documented build processes.

As a result of NCC Group’s tailored Escrow as a Service solution, Sennen’s clients gain the reassurance of knowing their applications are protected by the market leader in software resilience and have a full build report for its business-critical infrastructure. Additionally, Sennen have benefited from being able to provide the resilience and assurance that their customers demand through NCC Group’s range of cloud resilience verification services.

Gaby Amiel, CEO at Sennen commented: “Having a software resilience expert protecting and verifying our software is incredibly useful for us. Not only does it set us apart from our competitors, but we are also able to reassure our client by demonstrating the quality of our services and our commitment to best practice”


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