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01 May 2023

Surveil Partners with NCC Group to Ensure Service Continuity


Surveil is a platform used to control, secure, and optimise Azure and Microsoft 365 environments, ensuring security gaps are closed, monitoring user adoption and permissions, and optimising licensing costs and productivity.

Due to the platform's criticality to many of its customers operations, Surveil sought NCC Group’s Software Resilience services to ensure its partners and customers could continue to benefit from its insights under any circumstances. 

With NCC Group's expertise, Surveil can address potential risks such as supplier failure or system deterioration, which could impact the availability and functionality of their platform. This partnership offers assurance to Surveil's clients and users, guaranteeing consistent access to their platform and the benefits it provides. 

"NCC made the use of escrow, its marketing and promotion straightforward for us. Their support is really what sold escrow to us."


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