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Welcome to The Partner Network

Your Software Resilience journey starts now...

Business Continuity Made Simple

Introducing the NCC Group Partner Network

With an NCC Group Software Escrow Agreement in place, you’ve already taken the vital step to assure customers of the resilience of the business-critical applications you provide. Now you can turn this appetite for risk mitigation assurance into new growth opportunities through the NCC Group Partner Network.



Harness our solutions

NCC Group solutions enable you to increase demand for your applications, close deals faster, and sell more into high-governance markets – all whilst gaining a competitive advantage.

Software Resilience Solutions - Our quick reference Software Resilience solution guide will support you in referring NCC Group Escrow solutions alongside your application.


Assuring Business Critical Applications



Join us

Become an NCC Group Resilience Partner

As an NCC Group Resilience Partner, you can:

  • Benefit from sales team training and marketing enablement support
  • Receive dedicated Partner Manager support to meet customer risk mitigation demands
  • Increase sales value through referral rebates

You’ll also gain access to our Partner Portal, where you’ll find everything from on-demand training, sales enablement and leave-behind materials, to easy deal registration and joint business plan enablement.



Our online Escrow management portal

Access 'View' to streamline the process of depositing business-critical materials into escrow, with more flexibility and 24/7 cyber security monitoring.

Your customers will also have access to View to provide visibility of your Escrow agreement and the source code held within our Virtual Vaults.


NCC Group Escrow Management Portal View


NCC Group Welcome Escrow Experts



Our people

Meet our team of Escrow Experts

Our team is on hand to help you make the most of your Software Resilience journey with NCC Group.


An Introduction to the Partner Network

Join Abigail Thornley, Partner Account Manager at NCC Group, as she reveals how teaming up with the global leader in Software Resilience, will help you build a more resilient future.



Get in touch

Got questions? Get in touch and our dedicated team will help with your enquiry.


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